What is Zika and how you can control this mosquito from spreading diseases?

India is a vast country and possesses more than 450 types of mosquitoes which spread numerous diseases like malaria, chikungunya, dengue, etc. Let us know about the zika virus which is new to our country.


Definition of Zika Virus:-


Zika virus name is derived from the word zika forest which is situated in Uganda; this virus was found for the first time in 1947.This virus is spread by the mosquitoes which fly in the day. Some of the diseases which are related to this virus are yellow fever, West Nile viruses, dengue and Japanese encephalitis. In the 1950s this virus only spread in regions near to the equator from Africa to Asia, but from 2007 -2016 zika virus spread towards the east, beyond the Pacific Ocean to the USA.

The infection which is known as the Zika virus or zika fever mostly has a few or no symptoms; it is very identical to the dengue fever. There is no particular treatment to cure this; you can take acetaminophen or paracetamol to reduce the fever. But there are only a few measures of which you can be cured of this virus.

The most dangerous part of this virus is that Zika can directly spread from the pregnant lady to her child and due to which the baby can be infected by the disease called microcephaly which can lead to severe brain problems and other defects as well. In adults this virus can be very harmful to the immune system and the nervous system. Zika is transmitted from South Africa to India only through the growth of international traveling.


What measures can you take to stop mosquitoes born ailments?


Unknowingly you might be inviting mosquitoes to take shelter in your house. The following are the measures you can take to curb the diseases caused by mosquitoes:-

1. Immediately remove all the items from your lawn or balconies which can store water, example bottles, toys, car tyres, buckets, cans, and pet dishes.

2. Always change the water if you have a pool or any such arrangement which have water in it.

3. Always clean your swimming pool and try to add certain chemicals which can make them free from mosquitoes.

4. All the places where standing water can get accumulated improve its functionality and see that the water does not rest there.

5. Clean your house roofs as well, because if the remains of the standing water still exist then the mosquitoes will start breeding there.

6. Also, remove the plants which grow from the standing water.

7. Have adequate protection in your doors and windows so that mosquitoes cannot enter your house.

8. During July to September always wear long sleeves tops, shirts and even socks while you travel or out of a house because this is the peak time when mosquitoes bite.

9. Apply the mosquito’s repellent creams and sprays, on your body to stay protected. If required then put coils to make your home free from mosquitoes.

10. Last but not the least apart from taking all these remedial measures also hires the professional pest control service provider who is experts in this work and will do the needful so that your home remains mosquitoes free through which you can lead a healthy life and live in a hygienic environment.