Whenever we notice any kind of pest in our house ant, cockroach or mosquitoes we prefer to call the pest control services providers or if the situation is worse and there are more pests in our office, we tend to call the commercial pest control immediately to control the situation. This idea is really great but we also have to be proactive to restrain these pests by entering our house or property. Some of the most common pest at home is ants, mosquitoes, and ants. Though commercial pest control or the experienced services providers of pest control India can remove these pests easily but still we should be well versed with certain home remedies through which these will stay away from our properties.

Below are the home remedies to control the common pests found in our homes:-

1. Cockroach:-

It is really terrible and irritating to see a cockroach in the kitchen and toilet area. But you yourself can resolve this issue by implanting the following remedial measures:-

1. Keep the home clean and dry. you can also rinse the affected area through the soapy water.

2. The dustbin should be kept closed and tightly covered every time. Cockroaches are easily attracted to these bins because they get both food and shelter.

3. Fix the gaps from where you witness cockroaches to enter your house. Some of these places can be holes or gap from which any pipe or wiring is done.

4. Maintain a routine of checking the back side of the fridge, washing machines, and TV, and whenever you find them just throw them off.

2. Mosquito-

Please be aware of the fact that even one mosquito is enough to make you and your family members ill. So follow the tips mentioned below to stay safe:-

1. Mosquitoes love to hide, so your target is to clean the cooler and darker places, as they hide in these areas only. If you have a backyard then it’s a great idea to cut down the bushes into smaller sizes so that the mosquitoes will not get a place to hide and gradually they will disappear.

2. There should be no accumulation of standing water in your house because the mosquitoes lay eggs in the standing water, so a little pool of standing pool can help the mosquitoes to lay their eggs and in this manner, they will multiply and you have to face the repercussions. If it's not possible to remove the standing water then it’s time to remove the mosquito larvae, this can be done by putting any larvicides which are easily available in the market.

3. All the windows and gates of the houses should be closed in the afternoon as this is the time when mosquitoes enter the house.

4. If following these tips don’t provide the result then it's better to call for the pest control services providers to control the mosquitoes.

3. Ants-

Another very irritating and annoying pest is the ants which manage to enter the house from one to the other holes or tiniest corner. Follow the following steps to keep your house away from it:-

1. If your house is clean and tidy then ants will never come there as they are attracted to dirt and clumsiness.

2. None of the areas- kitchen tops, center table or the dining table should have any leftover food particles as the ants are attracted by these as well.

3. You can even prepare the ants repellent in the home by adding 1 cup of the vinegar into three cups of water. Whenever you see any ant just spray this liquid on them.

4. You can spray this liquid whenever you think is the entering or traveling area of the ants.


It is not complicated to do pest control by yourself in your house, but remember this depends upon when and how you are following the remedial measures and on which kind of pest. Pest control services providers are the best people to guide you when and how the pest can be controlled in the home through home remedies. Little awareness and alertness can keep you and your house from pests.