Like summers and winters, monsoon also comes with its favorable and unfavorable attributes. The rains and wonderful weather places as all, but it also brings lots of mosquitoes, cockroach and another kind of pests which are neither welcomed nor desired to see on our premises. These pests are not only irritating but they also cause numerous dangerous health hazards. In this article, we will explain and list the ways to get rid of these irritating monsoon pests easily. You can either try these ways yourself or can hire the residential pest control services providers or the cockroach control & repellent services, providers. There are many good and reliable services providers of pest control India.

1. No stagnant water:-

Mosquitoes and different kinds of pests breed in the stagnant water, so it is better to remove all the stagnant water from your house. In this way, mosquitoes and another harmful pest will no longer enter your house and reside. As soon as you witness anywhere water is logging immediately clean that clear and keep your house dry as long as possible.

2. Windows and doors should be closed:-

At the time of raining it is very important, you keep the windows and doors closed as the mosquitoes and other pests try to find shelter and can enter your house as well. So it’s better to keep them closed, for ventilation use net doors.

3. Burn camphor:-

Camphor commonly known as Kapur in India is the best way to keep your mosquitoes free, just burn few balls of camphor and keep the room closed for a fraction of minutes and once you open the gate this is will be mosquitoes free.

4. Put insect coils and sprays:-

The insect's coils and sprays can be easily available and bought from the markets. These are very helpful for keeping your house free from pests, and mosquitoes.

5. Put natural shrubs and plants:-

You will be amazed but it's true that by only putting certain plants in your house can provide you a healthy life which is free from mosquitoes. Some of the plants which are beneficial for keeping your house safe from mosquitoes are tulsi, marigold, neem and lemongrass. Just plant them in your house and their smell is enough to keep the mosquitoes away from your house.

6. Garlic cloves:-

Garlic a very common ingredient used in our kitchen can also keep you disease free and healthy. Garlic possesses larvicidal properties which are helpful to kill the mosquitoes. You only have to crush few garlic cloves and then boil it in two cups of water. Put this liquid to get cool and then pour it in a spray bottle and then spray this liquid all over your house to keep your house mosquitoes free.

You might be thinking that we are only discussing pests and mosquitoes and haven’t discussed cockroaches yet, so the following ate the ways to get rid of cockroaches which are mostly found in our toilet and kitchen areas:-

1. Petroleum jelly:-

This phrase might be new to you, but it’s very easy to prepare it, for this jelly you need cardboard, bait and some amount of petroleum jelly, this mixture is very effective in killing cockroaches. You only have to apply the petroleum jelly on the cardboard and then put the bait on the cardboard, the cockroaches will come to eat bait but their legs will be stuck with the jelly which is very tough to get rid of. Finally, the cockroach will die.

2. Put boric acid:-

If you desire to get rid of cockroaches then you can try by keeping the boric acid on your kitchen cabinet. The cockroaches would love to carry it to their nests wherein result other family members of cockroaches will die.

4. Sprinkle some bay leaves:-

Cockroaches hate the smell of the bay leaves so just sprinkle some of the bay leaves where you often find the cockroaches. The cockroaches will never come to the area where bay leaves are spread. Your house will be free from cockroaches forever.