HiCare India Pest Control

HiCare India Pest Control
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Pest Control Service in New Delhi, Delhi, India

HiCare Pest Control Treatment Service expertize in Cockroach, Termite, Mosquito, Bed Bug, Wood Borer, Rodent and Bird Control in Delhi NCR.

H. No. 69, 3rd Floor, Kumhar Mohalla, Jasola Village, New Delhi
StartupArena Premium Leads

StartupArena Premium Leads
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Pest Control Service in Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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Indian Pest Control Company

Indian Pest Control Company
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Pest Control Service in Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Established in the year 2002, we Indian Pest Control Company, are engaged in providing effective services for pest control. We are one of the leading pest control organizations that are licensed by Government of N.C.T of Delhi and are a member of Pest Management Association. 

15 DDA Market, Hemkunt Chamber, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019

Pest Control Service In Kalwari

We have crafted our service in order to offer you the best pest control services in Kalwari . We are associated with a large number of approved and certified pest control services that has positioned their name in the niche application area including cockroach control ,  Termite control , Mosquito control , Rodent Control , general Pest Control, Bedbug Control , Fogging Service, Residential Pest Control , commercial pest control, Anti Larvae service in Kalwari. Any residential or commercial places which should be nice, lively and energizing but there are some unwanted and harmful creatures, called pests, which disturb the channelization and create degradation. These could be wood borer, termite, rodents, wasps, crickets, ants, spider, flies, bed bugs, etc. These tiny creatures affect both furniture as well as human being.

How to search and find the best pest control service in Kalwari

In a high competitive zone, you need to take best decisions for your requirement so that you can get maximum benefits. As there is huge competition in this niche as well so it might be difficult for you to take a decision for one pest control service. But you really have to find one which can give you best service for your specific needs plus you also have to concentrate on their terms and conditions along with cost effectiveness. There is a list best pest controller services in Kalwari which definitely helpful for you: List of company

Types of Pest control services

Pest control services are divided in various forms but the main focal arenas are:

Ants Control:

Ant belongs to such kinds of pests which can be seen most often at and around home. They exacerbate the individuals and can hurt deeply to properties as well as your food especially sweet things. It is quite difficult to manage these creatures and sometimes it would become an irritating and tedious job even in powerful approach. You can contact a pest control service for a more reliable and effective management service.

Termite Control:

Kalwari is highly infested with the presence of Termites where most of the houses and commercial places are affected with this pest. In fact, most of the under constructed houses are also not safe. Hence use of right amount of chemical along with good quality of anti-termicide is the need of the hour. New age piping system is the latest method of for termite treatment. In this method, porous pips have to be kept on the top surface of the soil just before the floor to be laid down. The pipes are internally interconnected with each other and attached to junction box which has the open end of each pipe. Termite control process now can be carried from outside the house with the use of a pressure pump. This method is very useful and hassles free as you do not have to worry about emptying your rooms, noise pollution from drill machines, patches on the walls during pest control. An expert survey has revealed that pest control is a must in all the houses in Kalwari.

Mosquito Control:

Almost every year, Chikungunia, Dengue and Malaria creates a scene of life threatening danger to human being and lots of Kalwari citizens have to die because of this pest. And the situation becomes worst because there is no medications available for Dengue and chikungunia, only rest should be taken. Mosquitoes which cause these life threatening diseases is mainly active in day and it is tested that most of the mosquito repellents are not used in day time. Consequently, at day time they enter in to houses or offices, bite and inject the disease inside human body. The best pest control management service will give an effective mosquito treatment service which will be effective for almost 2 months. Also, the service will be smell free and safe chemicals ideal for domestic usage will be used. After this treatment, you don’t have to use any of the mosquito repellents like coils and aerosol spray. Fogging services are also available for mosquito control where cold or thermal fogging machines are used to control and kill mosquitoes. Fogging is preferably done in the evening time when mosquitoes are most active and try to enter our house. Mosquito killing agents are used in fogging service where the base substance is diesel but sometimes even water can be used depending on whether you are using thermal fogger or cold fogger. Fogging service has 70-80% efficiency as some mosquitoes are still able to hide from the smoke. Anti larvae service is another way of protection from mosquitoes as it controls the breeding and population of mosquitoes. Larvae stage is considered the best stage to control mosquitoes as we prevent them from becoming adult and breed further.

Cockroach Control:

Cockroaches are the main reason for diseases like typhoid fever, plague, leprosy, cholera and dysentery among children. Cockroaches are of two types, American cockroaches and German cockroaches. German cockroaches are smaller than their American counterpart and live in human vicinity like kitchen whereas American cockroaches prefer sewer and drain pipes. Gel application is the common method of treatment used against cockroaches. Spraying anti cockroach chemicals around the building premises is also done sometimes.

Rodent Control:

Rodents or commonly called rats are the most common pest found around the human being. They are a big threat to our property as well as health. They spread deadly diseases like bubonic plague, leptospirosis and rat bite fever which affects our liver, kidney and cardiovascular muscles. We have to be very careful while dealing with rats as chemical treatment does not guarantee their death. We offer the best designed Rodent control services which are result oriented and ensure a safe environment for you and your family.