With the invention of insecticides, herbicides and pesticides , we have come to know its adverse effects on the people, environment and animals. We have seen that pest were removed through the process of spraying certain chemicals , this process is not effective in the eradication of the pests as well as these are harmful for the health of the humans.
Regarding your yards and gardens, this areas can also be kept free from pest if right soil, pesticide, proper watering , fertilizers, adequate weather and sunlight is available to the habitation then there will be no problem. But if this is not enough then you can implement certain organic ways through which pests will no longer stay in your house, yards and garden.
The following are the four organic ways through which you can keep your house and yard pest free.

1. Repellents :-
With the help of repellents you can keep your house and yards pests free. They are like a covering which will stop the pest from moving or resting your house and plants.
For example, if you are planting the carrots in the toilet paper rolled then the cutworms cant provide any harm to them.With the usage of penny royal, peppermint and spearmint plantation the pest will never try evade the area.you can also plant the plants of garlic, lavender and savory which will keep the pest away from your plants.

2. Traps and coax:-
Traps can be made with the usage of the pheromones , visual coax or eating stuff which can easily attract the pest and then will captivate them part from hurting the animals or the ambience's.These traps are even useful to control the rapid growth of population as once you are trapping them through coax, you can notice that all the pests will gather to grab the food and then you can make out how many pests are there and consequently you can plan how to eradicate the whole amount of pests.
If you can use the trapping method with other pest killing methods which are not harmful for the humans as well the animals then it will be great and will assist you in killing maximum of pests in one attempt.

3. Insecticidal soaps and oils:-
If you apply the insecticidal soaps and oils in your bodies then yup can be safe from the bite from the small insects like the bugs, spider mites,white flies and aphids. But you cannot be safe from the bites of the big insects.
The young and newly born insects can die if they lick this oils and soaps from your body but remember that there is an appropriate timing to do so and one more thing that the oil and soap looses its intensity if it dries off so you have to be very particular when to apply so that the insects bites you and dies immediately.

4. Products available at home for pest controlling:-
You can find numerous pest controlling products from your home.If you can select the best organic method of removing the fleas, mice, pests and roaches then you , family , pets can stay healthy.

1. Boric Acid Powder:-
It can control pests, ants, termites and cockroaches.this acid is a stomach poison. While the pests are walking this powder will stick to their legs and they will carry these to their homes. While these pests are feeding themselves then with the wood and other substances this powder will also be consumed by them and they will die once its ingested inside their stomach.

2. Cucumber:-
If you are tired of the ants problems in or near your kitchen then start throwing few slices of cucumber around your home and kitchen. Ants cannot resist the cucumber taste ans so they will never come back to your home or kitchen.

3. Cedar:-
Cedar depicts a strong wood aroma, due to which the pests are moths stay away from your clothes , so place these cedar all around your home to get total eradication from these bugs and pests.

4. Peels of citrus:-
Spiders hate citrus , so if you are putting citrus fruits in your kitchen and nearby areas then spiders will never come back to that area. You can even rub the peels of the citrus fruits on the walls were you have noticed the spiders,this remedy will remove the spiders forever from your vicinity.