Seeing a mouse running around is a common sight and almost all of has had this feeling in our homes. We often see our favorite cloth piece having holes made by mouse or find mouse droppings behind the drawers. We even find it cute sometimes when we see a small mouse peeping from behind our furniture. But before you accept the presence of mouse as a part of your living, you really have to think about this at once. There are some reasons why you don’t have to ignore the presence of mouse in your house.

Why you don’t have to ignore the presence of mouse in your home

First of all, you should understand that the mouse that is living in your home inside walls or in your attic is not the same you pick up at a store. They cannot live in a controlled environment, moreover they are exposed to many dirty things and they also have ability to expose them to you too. Actually they carry bacteria on their fur or bellies which are carried from the dumpsters and they might put them on their food storage areas as well as plates, silverwares and on to counters. In fact, they may also bring lice, ticks, fleas and mites in to your house which causes lots of other disease. That’s why it is not good to live with wild mice.

Why it is necessary to deal with the wild mice living at your home

It is a universal fact that a large population can be grown from one mouse. Gestation period of a female mouse is almost 20 days and she can give birth to a litter of mice which will be almost 3-14 young but on average it may be 6-8. A female mouse can have such litter almost 5-10 times a year. Also, a female mouse reaches to its sexual maturity in almost 6 weeks and can copulate early at five weeks only. From this data, you can imagine how many numbers of litters you can have in your home within two months only.


So before mice builds up a large population in your home, contact a professional to remove such entities out of your home. Mice may be cute but they will never be your friend as their running in your home is not good. You seriously have to take an action to get rid of them.