This is a true fact that no one wants to see pests around them whether it is in the living area or business space. So one should have to follow some specific tact that will help to keep away pest from these places and they are:

Make sure that your apartment is clean

Cleaning your home or keeping your living areas clean is the best way to avoid any kind of pest out of your apartment. Some of the pests such as cockroach and spiders are mainly known to get attracted towards a messy and dirty home. So it is one of the most effective ways which will help you to keep yourself safe and make your apartment free from pest.

In fact, grease, crumbs, oil and dirty counters can attract pest towards your home. You can use wiping as well as any other ways to clean your home and it will definitely help you to make your home free of pest. It is obvious that if you keep your house clean before arrival of pests, then it will be the best way to avoid pest.

In fact, a small leakage in taps or pipes as well as any standing water areas, doesn’t matter how small it is, enough to thrive and survival of pests. It is observed that most of the time a roach is making its home around or near water source such as near bathrooms, leaky sinks or kitchens.

A smallest leak is the source of attraction for pests so everyone should make sure that there is no leaky water source available inside your home and if they are present then it should be sealed soon before pests get attracted.

Another factor is Temperature which can be a reason to attract pest into your living place

It is known that cockroaches are present from a long time and while those periods, temperature of the earth varied in many ways but cockroaches did not get completely extint. This means that somehow it has adopted the environment and learnt to thrive itself in such kind of variant temperatures. They can stay alive at almost 75 degrees and sometime even warmer temperatures.

So it is clear that by keeping your living place cooler you can keep this pest out of that area and if they are already present there then cooler temperatures will be helpful in prevention of their breeding. It is observed that most of roaches die in this environment while most cannot breed or combination of both will happen as well.

So you can keep your home temperature low and can keep pests out of your lives. You have to maintain various temperatures and it will depend on the type of cockroaches but in most case you have to keep it below than 70 degree.

The most important part is to take care of micro-environment. For instance, if you are maintaining the temperature of 65 degrees in your home but it will be not same for the place at refrigerator motor and those places where airflows occur at little or zero rate. You have to take care of these things and then maintaining the temperature will help you at best and your place will be pest free.

Another effective but unique idea is to keep freezing treatment. For instance, if you have found your microwave is infested by cockroaches then do one thing, just put it in a plastic bag and put the plastic bag outside in winter for few days. You can see that many of the cockroaches died off after few days because of cold temperature.

This is an effective and easy way to avoid cockroaches in winter season. You can also follow this effective method in summer seasons as well for small appliances. You can put those in a sealed package and keep those inside a refrigerator. After removing the appliances out off refrigerator you have to be sure that you will clean them properly before using. This is because eggs or ootheca can survive even in colder temperature but proper cleaning will ensure that you remove those too.

Eventually it should be noted that few simple yet effective methods will help you to clean your home. By treating the leakage inside properly, cooling and cleaning will kick off the pests out of your house and in the worst condition your pests cannot be avoided in any ways then you must consult a pest control service.