Moths can be responsible for creating a lot of chaos in your home by damaging it adversely, making the clothes unhygienic, might get into the food and provide adverse effects on your health. If you want to be aware of the facts that how you can keep your property safe from this harmful creature then you have landed in the right place as this article will help you to get rid of this problem entirely.

Vital facts about Moths:-

These creatures create lots of problems if they are found inside your house and if by chance you see them outside your house then try and see that it doesn’t enter your house. There is huge number of species of moths and they can even be as timid as the tip of the pencil or even big in size such as 2-3 inches.

Some of the types of moths can damage carpets, walls, and clothing and you will be surprised to know that few of the species of the moths don’t have mouths and they survive only on its cocoon these are known to be the largest moths named as Luna moth, these can survive only for 6- 10 days and it only mates and then lay eggs and passes off.

One of the most shocking facts of these moths is that these are eaten by 805 Africans regularly. The person who is consuming 100 grams of caterpillars each day, you will be getting potassium, iron, calcium and zinc which are known as the four most important minerals which are best for your body.

Details- Prevention of moths and Moths Repellent

It is a very difficult task to prevent the moths from entering your house. The eggs of moth can be found anywhere around you, they might enter your house if you buy clothes from roadside open shops or from anywhere. The time when you realize that moth’s eggs are present in your house when you see the larvae hatches and you experience some issues in your hand.

To prevent moths enter the grocery items such as – grains, raisins, and flour you have to keep the containers tightly closed. If you notice that there is any sort of webbing inside the containers then you should not open the container inside your house because the moths will spread all over the area. If you are buying new clothes then it’s advisable to wash it with hot water and then dry it if by any chance you can’t do it at your home then get the clothes dry cleaned from outside.

If you are using moth’s repellents in your house then to an extent the problems will be solved as there will be no increment in the breeding of the moths. Lavender and cedar are very useful if you desire to remove the moths entirely from your house. You can even mix cloves or some amount of cinnamon into the liquid which you use to wipe off the floor. Remember not to use this on the clothes.

So where ever you find moths in your house it's better to immediately sprinkle some of the above said liquid to stop the breeding of the moths entirely.

Natural ways to control Moths:-

Most beneficial and effective natural remedy to control moths is putting any of the natural elements in the sachet. You can even make this natural mixture at from but it's better to buy it online or from any store. You can make the natural repellents for controlling the moths by mixing the ingredients mentioned below:-

1. Thyme

2. Rosemary

3. Lavender

4. Cedar Shavings

5. Pink peppercorns

6. Lemongrass

If you want this recipe of pest control services to smell better then you can add some cu=citrus or mint to it but remember that if you are putting more of citrus or mint then the effectiveness of this natural repellents will decay.

To be at the safer side you can insert a cedar plank in your wardrobe so that moths invade less in these but if you and you can make the entire cedar furniture to control the growth of the moths.

If you are the one who is fully against of using chemicals in your house then for you following the above method is the best for removing the moths.