Ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs etc are the numerous such creatures that we want to get our properties free of. There are many pest control companies in India which are the best pest control company as well. But once we have to decide that which the best pest control services in India are, we tend to become perplexed. It's better to have an idea before hiring any pest control companies in India. In this article, we will discuss and be aware of the important facts about the ants; so that once you hire an organization then you should be aware of that which pest control services in India will suffice your need.

How can ants be controlled?

Ants are known as the social insect which happily resides in colonies. So if you desire to kill the ants then you have to plan for killing the whole colony. If you are choosing the normal ant repellant spray then it can only kill the handful of the ants.

Ants either enter the house in search for food or shelter. So to eradicate the ants in totality, you have to understand its behavior first. Mainly these ants can enter your premises through the tiniest hole and if by chance they can get the sweet food, then they will start to leave pheromone trail through which other ants can also reach to the food easily.


If you desire for the complete solution for the ant problem, then thorough scrutinization is compulsory. To find the nest of the ants it is mandatory to follow the pheromone trail which is left over by the ants to make the other ants aware about the food.

The scrutinization areas in the house are- doors, full kitchen, window, carpet corners. To find out the ants nest, you can go along the trail and keep a note that where do the ants travel after eating the food. If your house is full of carpenter ants, then the best time to hunt for them is night, as this time they roam around the woodpiles, damaged wood in order to fill their stomach.

In the outside area of the house, try to find out the ants near the foundation walls, areas where vegetation is done etc. These areas will surely have ant nests. The following ate the steps through which the ants are found:-

1. Follow the pheromone trail to find their nest.

2. If possible remove the nest or the trails with the help of the non-repellent insecticide

Strategies and tips to control the Ants

The following are the two main kinds of ant issues which is commonly encountered

1. Ants which live outside of the house and come inside for food.

2. Ants which have made their nest inside the house,

Any strategy is not successful till you don’t know much or concrete information, so it’s necessary to know about the details of the ants, like how they look and their type. This information makes the base of the removal of the ants in the most successful manner.

1. Ants which live outside of the house and enter the house for food

These are ants which roam all around your vicinity and enter your house in the search of food. You can follow the below-illustrated steps to prevent these kinds of ants:-

  • Block, seal all the cracks and the corners of the house so that the ants cannot enter your house. But keep one thing in mind that the ants are very tiny and they can manage to enter your premises through a minute hole as well.

  • Clean all the possible entry points with the detergent and then remove the trail with the help of any non-repellent spray.

  • You can opt for the pest control services which cater to prevent ants from entering the house from outside.

2. Ants which reside in your house

  • Ants not only hop in your house to find food, rather they settle in your house and make their colonies.

  • It takes a full year to build the ant colony and especially they build them in the hot season.

  • Appoint the pest control services providers who are proficient in removing the ants inside your house.